Artists Public Domain, Inc (APD) is a supporting organization and public charity as recognized by the IRS in section 501(c)(3). APD was formed to assist in creative endeavors in the arts, specifically those relating to film and video. APD supports the Independent Feature Project (IFP) with cash donations that directly fund grants to filmmakers and programs at the IFP. APD also funds and produces short films, features and documentaries. The organization also donates post-production services and office space to low budget features and documentaries.

Artists Public Domain is run by a board of five people, all of whom have other full time jobs in film. The board is made up of Tyler Brodie and Hunter Gray of Verisimilitude Films, Paul Mezey of Journeyman Pictures, Alex Orlovsky of Hunting Lane Films, and Joana Vicente of the IFP. APD has no employees and no board member is paid for their time, allowing for low overhead and all of its resources to go directly to projects and grants.

In the last year APD has supported film and video projects of fiction, non-fiction, and experimental nature ranging in budget from $8,000 to $120,000. While there are no strict guidelines as to what projects are selected or how they are executed, they all seek success in conveying the vision of the artist as opposed to creating commercial profit.