Tariq Tapa (Director/Screenplay/Camera/Sound) was born in New York City. He made his debut feature Zero Bridge in Kashmir over nine months with a cast of only non-professionals and no crew. It premiered at the 2008 Venice Film Festival and was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards in 2010.

Josée Lajoie (Co-Producer, Co-Editor) was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. In the United States, she began her second career as a filmmaker when she received a Master of Fine Arts from the experimental animation program at Cal Arts. She now works as a technical director of animation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hilal Ahmed Langoo (Co-Producer, Translator, Assistant Director) studies computer science in Srinagar where he lives with his mother and sisters, who also appear in Zero Bridge as Bani’s family. This is his first foray into filmmaking.

Ben Huff (Sound Editor and Mixer) is a sound designer and documentary filmmaker currently living in Southern California. His most recent project, Never Mind the Fences focuses on the underground music scene in Wichita, Kansas. Aside from his film work, Ben is also a prolific musician who produces and performs around Los Angeles.